Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I started this blog 10 years ago, when I was 30, and it has functioned nicely as an aide memoir of my 30s, as well as being representative of a very 2000s form of literacy - in just 10 years, the landscape of the internet has changed so much - how many people start or even keep blogs these days? They're more likely to facebook or tweet something - in fact, even I started a twitter account last week mostly for work purposes.

When I started this blog, I had only been a lecturer for a few months, and was the youngest and newest person in my department - noted for being able to make webpages and put lectures ON THE INTERNET and considered dangerously newfangled by some of the crustier members of staff who wore bow ties and had beards. Now of course, just ten years later, the latest influx of new 20-something lecturers to my department all have very active twitter accounts. And one of them treated us to a demonstration of how we could be using twitter in our lectures - while we're lecturing, we could have a twitter feed projected onto a screen behind us, so the students can tweet their comments and questions (and criticisms of our clothing choices). Naturally, it was met with howls of scorn from the more established members of staff, and I stayed quiet, because I knew that at some point in the future, this happens to everyone, and tweeting will be replaced by mind-transference or 4D-connection or something so it won't last either. Everybody gets their turn at being obselete.

Initially I disapproved of blogging too, finding the word itself unattractive as well as the idea of publicising your private thoughts and opinions. But 10 years of blogging has been instrumental in helping me to sharpen my internal censor and write for an audience, even one that has been ever-dwindling. I compare this blog to the personal diary I kept between the ages of 15 and 25, and am horrified to find so much angst and wailing in those hand-scribbed pages. I don't recall that period as especially unhappy (although young adults can be somewhat over-dramatic and less experienced at coping with grown-up things), and I think that there is a tendency for personal writing to focus on a litany of complaints and woes if you don't think anyone else will read it. So many diaries of famous people emerge after their deaths and people are always so shocked at how tortured and miserable they were - I'm not so sure. I just think personal diaries bring that side out of you, while blogs are more likely to make you jolly because you want to be entertaining rather than depress people.

Or maybe it's just that I've had a remarkably good 10 years since I started this blog. I've had 10 books published, become a professor, passed my Grade 4 piano, moved house four times, spent two years in Bristol, had great holidays to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, America, Italy, Iceland and France, gained two nieces, four nephews and a great-niece. I've kept hold of my fella, and my hair, didn't get any speeding tickets and apart from occasional sinus problems and a bad back, have stayed healthy. I think I am more patient, confident and sensible than I was 10 years ago, although probably also less spontaneous and sociable.

When I read back some of the earliest blog entries here - a commentary on Blind Date's new format, The Cheeky Girls and the breakdown of a relationship between Les Dennis and Amanda Holden - all I can think is - who is this person and why did they spend so much time paying attention to such rubbish!

And no doubt, if I manage to keep this blog going for another 10 years, I suspect I'll probably be thinking much the same thing.




Flaming Nora said...

Still miss Doll Soup!

Paul Brownsey said...

Keep the blog going. You are a good read. But do try not to look any more like Ricky Gervais.

mick said...

I enjoy reading your blog keep going with it

newplanet said...

Good day to you Mr Odana. After all this time, it feels a bit weirdly strange to be leaving a comment on your blog. But it also feels weirdly right.

I am glad the past 10 years have been good to you. They seem to have passed so quickly but isn't it so nice being that little bit older and a big bit wiser.

Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul!!! Great retrospective! Doll Soup got me into your blog and was partly my inspiration behind my own blog! Lots of best wishes - Jaimie Horne x

Lubin said...

Thanks for all your kind words!

The Guyliner said...

Ten. More. Years.