Saturday, January 28, 2012

Move Over Magnolia Bakery

I had put aside today to make cupcakes. Having not baked since I was 12 and my mother used to say each Friday night "Make us a Swiss Roll our Paul", I was excited to try it out again, and I wanted to capture some of the Bleecker Street glamour of the cupcake craze (which is now officially dead as I've got on board). What next Bleecker Street?

I got up early, consulted the book of cupcakes which I'd bought on Thursday (£20), and made a list. Luckily, Sainsburys had all the ingredients (£30), even orange blossom water (!). I didn't even mind when I got halfway home and realised I'd forgotten the icing sugar.

My recipe book was full of helpful hints like "weigh out the exact measurements - any deviation will result in disaster etc." so I was glad I had an electronic scale which gets measurements to the nearest micron. However, the batteries weren't working, so that was another trip out. "They cost £9 each," said the man in the jeweller's, rather shamefaced. I had to buy two (£18). Then I realised I'd need some tupperware to put them all in, so made the trip to a kitchen shop, where a special cup-cake holder thing was only £27.

I got home, feeling a bit lighter in the wallet, and by now slightly glum. However, I realised I didn't have one of those special cupcake baking trays. At this point, my fella, seeing my thunderous face, kindly offered to go out to the kitchen shop and buy me one (£11).

After that, it went quite well. I made a batch of banana/chocolate ones, and another batch of orange ones. Here's what the finished product looks like.

They're rather different from the picture in the recipe book. But at least they're edible.

And at roughly £30 a cupcake, they must be of good quality.

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Aaron said...

You won't want to hear this, for many reasons, but Poundland often sell those batteries - I'm sure you can guess the price difference.

I'd also recommend Lakeland's (expensive, natch) silicone cupcake tray.