Monday, July 18, 2011

The Ten Worst Things that My Cat has Done

Larry, my cat is 15 and shows no sign of letting up. He is the Boss of the household.

1. Made me cancel a Christmas holiday to Brighton in 2005 by yowling mournfully in the back of the car when I was taking him to the cattery for a week. "I can't leave him!" I cried. "Oh, just drive us all home" snapped my fella in a resigned tone.

2. Went out, caught a mouse, brought it in the house, chewed off its head and then plopped the remains in front of us when we were had a particularly delicate friend round for dinner for the first time.

3. Waited until we'd had our shiny expensive ensuite bathroom put in, then, while we were out buying new towels, crept into the bathroom, climbed into the bath and christened it by scratching the surface. Irrevocably. Before anyone had had a chance to use it.

4. Contrived a kidney disease two years ago, then sitting on my lap and pissing all over me and the John Lewis chair I'd bought the year before. Do you know how long it takes for the smell of diseased cat wee to disippate from furniture? The answer is never. Not really.

5. Reacted well to the kidney disease medication, costing me an extra £50 a month to keep him alive.

6. Vomitted on a cream carpet. Many many times. You can never really shift the stain.

7. Watched as I'm eating a meal, then reached his head through my arm and brazenly attempted to take my food from my plate.

8. Pretended to neighbours that he is not fed, and wailed pitifully outside their house so that they fed him - giving us the reputation of neglectful pet owners and candidates for a BBC exposé documentaries.

9. Climbed on a sideboard and swished his enormous life-of-its-own tail, knocking off an antique clock and smashing it into bits. Repeat with several other ornaments at regular intervals.

10. Ruined every piece of knitwear I have ever owned by slinking up to me affectionately, climbing on my lap, then catching multiple claws in my clothes and not letting go.

It is probably just as well I don't have children.


Destyn said...

Yes, I have had number 6 (both vomit and a knocked over glass of Coke on a cream carpet literally JUST LAID) so I guess that's 9 too; and 8.

One year we came back from holiday to find a poo on the duvet (which was subsequently destroyed, with cover) as punishment.

Old Cheeser said...

My God!! How ever do you put up with all of that, Lubin...dare I say that kids are nowhere near as bad??

And may I venture to add that you are somewhat....pussy whipped? (! Reversal of expectations....)

theguyliner said...

I probably would have divorced you over number 1, I have to say.