Friday, May 13, 2011

The Six of us have been Friends forever...

Bored, last weekend, I watched a couple of episodes of the new Friends clone Happy Endings. Perhaps it was the fact that I had very low expectations, but I enjoyed it. New York magazine reluctantly admits that "it's pretty funny". The only differences from Friends is that a) it's set in Chicago b) Joey is now a chubby gay slacker - he looks "like if Paul Rudd gave up" c) Ross is now black. It is a bit edgier than Friends - "Who hooked up last night?" asks Chandler Bing-alike Dave, and everyone raises their hands. One character remarks that dating has changed in the last 10 years and now "a text message at midnight is bascially a romantic dinner for two". One of the characters gets a new room-mate who runs a pay-to-view webcam from inside their house and is constantly getting them to have pillow fights.

Hyper-controlling Jane and gay Max spend one episode arguing about how would survive a zombie apocalypse and set up lots of little contests to test each other. One involves them seeing who can sit still the longest, but just before it begins, Max purposefully knocks a bottle of beer over the coffee table (he wins as Jane's cleaning OCD kicks in). This merges into another storyline involving one character who has becoming embroiled in a community of "hipsters" who end up chasing everyone down the road like zombies at the end.

My favourite character is Penny (played by Casey Wilson who starred on SNL for a while a few years ago). She's annoying, loud and single, and in episode 2 complains that gay Max isn't gay enough for her. She wants someone who can go to Farmers markets with her and "brunch it up", so Max sets her up with a flamboyant acquaintance who calls everyone "sluts", does the splits at random points and screams "DRAMA!" like a Greek chorus in almost every scene. Penny ends up hating him and eventually accepts that she doesn't need a gay man because she is one herself. However, she's so desperate to get a man that she's constantly making bad choices and worrying that she's going to "die alone in a light up Christmas sweater talking to a menagerie of parrots."

Here's the Pilot, judge for yourself.

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It's like Doll Soup, but with Amerikan accents!