Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Man

I was listening to one of those shows aimed at people over 60 on Radio 2 last night.

I am 39 today but have been over 60 since I was 15 and my mother complained "Why do you never go outside, why do you just sit in the house watching old black and white films, you're like an old man!"

This article by the Guardian's Lucy Mangan, about children who are old beyond their years, also made me smile in self recognition.

"if you are mature for your age, you are likely to turn to books for solace. And although this, again, has unsought, largely academic, advantages, books age you, too. They render it even harder to live in the moment. It is difficult to surrender to an adolescent crush or a first love when you have already experienced a million of them secondhand.

If I had been at school with Lucy Mangan, I would have been best friends with her - we would have read Enid Blyton books together (probably competitively), even though I secretly would have wanted to be friends with cooler Victoria Coren who smokes and gambles and still gets the best grades in the class).

Anyway, back to Radio 2. I love this song about an insufferable couple who "when they died and went to heaven all the angels moved to hell".

I know a few couples that would apply to.

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Aaron said...

Happy birthday sweetie xxx