Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sticky keys

I regret buying a Marks and Spencers strawberry and banana flavour smoothie drink on Thursday for lunch. I had set it down next to my laptop.. you know what's coming next... when as a result of a weird body spasm, my hand flung itself out involuntarily, and I knocked the bottle (opened of course), sideways. It gratefully emptied itself all over the keyboard.

I had a little cry and then set about trying to mop up the mess. Fortunately it didn't cause the laptop to explode or anything, but I wasn't able to get out much of the goopy stuff that had slid in the gaps at the edges of the keys.

The next day, my laptop felt OK, though some of the keys felt a little old. However, after a few hours, the heat melted all the congealed smoothie drink, creating a kind of evil paste under my keys. Some keys now pressed down in slow motion, like old lady's skin.

I tried removing the J key to clean underneath, but I haven't been able to put it on properly. It's on, but not fully on. I've only had this laptop for a year. I can't predict whether I'll a) live with it b) see if I can pay to get it cleaned or c) buy another one.

And it's an expensive lesson, but I won't be leaving any smoothie drinks near it again.


Anonymous said...

No-one deserves to have their keyboard splattered, but, really, strawberry and banana?!! It's like lemon yoghurt - it's just unnatural!!

As for your dilemma, don't even think of living with it: you'll forever picking bits of old, congealed paste out of the cracks. Paying to get it cleaned will set you back quite a bit, I imagine, and the keys will never be as they were before. It's a no-brainer, really: buy a lovely brand spanking new one. You know it makes sense.

theguyliner said...


Anonymous said...

I bought a new laptop in Jan two days later spilt can of Diet coke over keyboard - wrecked laptop. You could try some laptop cleaner and squirt it under keys as much as you can.........You could claim on house insurance !

Lubin said...

I've taken it to PC world. £69 for a replacement keyboard :(
I won't be posting til I getvit back.