Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My new celebrity boyfriend

Matt Baker - wholesome Blue Peter presenter (now presenter of The One Show - basically Blue Peter for adults), celebrity farmer, celebrity dancer.

He (not Anne Widdicombe) was the reason I tuned in every week to Strictly Come Dancing.

Dancing the Charleston to 42nd Street, wearing a fake moustache and slicking down his hair into a kiss curl... I'm ashamed to say, he had me at the unicycle.

And now... Matt Baker: sneaky political interviewer, putting the question to David Cameron that even Jeremy Paxman would have shied away from.

I'm from the same place as Matt (we were born in the same hospital), and one thing I always notice about people from the north-east of England (apart from their aversion to Conservative politics) is their frankness (sometimes disarming, sometimes disturbing). Matt, like The One Show, is well on the way to becoming a British institution.

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theguyliner said...

I certainly looked at Mr Baker in an entirely different way after that Charleston.