Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The aliens are coming

At Everything Is Terrible I've been laughing at video clips of The Unarians, an unbelievably flamboyant and kitchsy cult which believes in reincarnation and space aliens. It appears to have taken its fashion guides from Liberace, John Waters films and 1960s episodes of Star Trek. Its leader/founder, Archangel Uriel, aka "Ruth Norman" looks and sounds like an insane old lady drag queen.

Among others, Ruth claims to have been Poseidon (founding Atlantis), Socrates, Mary Magdalen, the Dalai Lama, King Arthur and Peter the Great. That's what's great about the Unarians - not only are they reincarnation royalty - but they are reincarnations of people WHO DIDN'T EVEN EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Like many cults, the Unarians have predicted several times that there will be a Great Event that will change life on Earth forever. The last one was supposed to be 2001, when we would make inter-planetary contact with 32 alien races. Wrong much? Never mind, get out your flags, put on your cloaks and rainbow sash and get in that car park, where it's time to parade around a model spaceship...

Unarius from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

Over at the Unarian's blog (of course they have a blog), there is a rather depressing story about someone who underwent "past life therapy", and claims to have been an evil alien in a planet in the Orion Empire. She/he helped to create viruses as part of an aggressive inter-planetary expansionist policy. She/he is now been punished for such past crimes, by suffering from "several kidney and bladder infections, numerous digestive tract problems, and rheumatic fever due to strep throat, which caused minor damage to one of my heart valves."

While it's very easy to laugh at the Unarians, I'm not sure what makes them any different from any other religion (other than a slightly more kitsch sense of style). What's more believeable? - 32 space-ships are heading for Earth (perhaps delayed - maybe Jupiter has some really good shopping outlets) or there's an invisible super-being creator who knows when you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake!

And while cults like this are hilarious, ultimately, they make me very depressed. It's another example of how humans are so completely delusional, uncritical and flawed. After seeing their nonsense, I almost wish that 32 alien spaceships would come to Earth - and wipe the lot of us out. Because really, if even a few of us are we are capable of believing crap like this - then there's no hope.

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