Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clever Clogs

Hurrah for BBC4 - Britain's best (and only) channel for intellectuals. Its quiz show "Only Connect" prides itself on being horrifically difficult. It is hosted by Victoria Coren, professional poker player and broadcaster who writes articles about feminism in The Guardian (she doesn't like cheerleading, "They aren't doing sport. They are waggling their arses near boys who are doing sport"). She is like the scary school-teacher that you always want to impress, but generally fail to do so, no matter how hard you try.

In the game, contestants are presented with a wall of sixteen words or phrases and then have to put them into groups of four, based on what their connections to other words are. For example, "blue, red, yellow and green" are colours. But don't expect anything as facile as that to feature in Only Connect. You're more likely to be asked to figure out that four words are the surnames of villains in 19th century French literature (and discount another two words that are also villains in 19th century French literature but also refer to ditransitive verbs), or that all four words are palindromes or something.

My husband and me try to play along. We generally get zero points. Afterwards my husband (who's a professor) hangs his head in shame and shuffles off upstairs saying "That was a humbling experience!" If you want to be humbled too, you can play the online version, and get Victoria commiserating when you get zero.

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Adrian said...

I'm much better at the missing letters round than any of the others.

That probably means something.