Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pope off!

Child abuse is a terrible thing - and the Catholic church is guilty on two counts - acting as a paedophile ring for decades, and filling impressionable young minds with absolute nonsense about an invisible superbeing who can read your mind and will send you to hell when you die if you don't do everything his so-called representatives on earth tell you to do.

As you can imagine, I am hardly taken with the Pope's state visit to the UK. As Stephen Fry and others have argued, he's welcome to fork out for an EasyJet flight himself and pay for a National Express coach up to Scotland and back to London if he fancies - there are plenty of people who I don't like, but as long as they're spending their own money, there's not much I can do about it. But I do resent having my own tax money spent so he and his entourage can get gold star treatment. In fact, I took half an hour off work this afternoon as a protest.

I would much rather the money be spent on giving out free condoms to people. Or towards youth services for LGBT people. Or counselling for people who were abused by members of the Catholic church.

And as for your sidekick, Cardinal Walter Kasper, who compared Britain to a 3rd World Country - someone give him his own reality tv show. He's Secularism's new Best Friend. With people like that speaking on behalf of the Pope, atheists like me can put their feet up and have a Kitkat. Cardinal Kasper has been bumped from the visit, although the official story is that his gout is playing up. Gout? Are people still getting that? (Are people still using terms like "third world" for that matter?) I guess if you're stuffing your face so much that you have gout, then even a relatively rich country like the UK will look a bit "third world" to you.

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theguyliner said...

Kasper is the Lizzy Bardsley of the catholic church isn't he? He's be brilliant on Wife Swap, screaming about 'coloureds' and trying to fund the dry cleaning of his robes on social security.