Monday, June 21, 2010

A new occasional blog

I've started watching one of my favourite old soaps - the 1970s Australian women's prison drama, Prisoner Cell Block H, right from the start. I first saw it in 1988 when Tyne Tees started showing it. I had just finished my GCSEs and was fascinated when it turned up with no fanfare at all in the schedules on Thursday nights at 10:35. After one episode I knew that it was going to be a hugely important part of my "education". And so it was. If you have never seen PCBH, then you need to rectify this huge error immediately. Here's a taster:

And as an ongoing celebration, I've decided to comment on the fashion and hair choices of the characters in a new blog.


Paul Brownsey said...

This comment has nothing to do with the item on which it is nominally a comment; I employ it since I can see no other way to communicate the point.

Did you know your Chinese Girl had rivals? Last week I was at the Summerlee Industrial Museum in the West of Scotland. It includes a row of miners' cottages, and these have been fitted out to show what the interiors would have looked like at various points in history. One displays a 1960s interior and that contains a Chionese Guirl on the wall - but not the Tretchikoff, though she looks like a deliberate imitation (or perhaps the Tretchikoff was an imitation of her...) - the same head-and-shoulders pose, the same gaze off to her left, though her tunic is pink. There was no-one I could ask about its provenance but it had the look of something you might have bought in a home-furnishing store in the 1960s. Maybe Boots sold the Tretchikoff, Timothy Whites & Taylors the rival.

Paul Brownsey

Old Cheeser said...

OMG! Rather belatedly I have just read this post. Hoorah!! I am a HUGE Prisoner fan and like you Lubin, have been watching all of the episodes from the start. I'm up to about episode 367 or so now though, but then I have been watching it for the past 2 years or so. And I erm, purchased the entire series on DVD which was probably my most costly indulgence ever. Am I to take it that you did the same? (Or maybe the UK boxset releases that have been coming out?)

And just popped over to your Prisoner blog and bloody love it! Keep it up, cobber ... or I'll dob you in to the screws ... Now excuse me while I go the dunny for a smoko...

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear. I'm part way through the fifth UK boxset and it's evoking all sorts of teenage memories (of staying up at unearthly hours to watch the show because Central used to schedule it at 02:30 on a Saturday night - we were too poor for a VCR).

Love it.

"Hell-air, Errcah Dav'dsun. I'm sorry, Ahll have to orsk The Department. Good day"