Sunday, June 13, 2010

Doll Soup - back a decade later

Very regular readers of this blog may be interested in looking at Doll Soup - the Early Years - the original episodes of the online soap opera with dolls that I created over a decade ago. I foolishly lost all 35 episodes when I changed laptops. However, a kind reader called Damian Moore emailed me out of the blue to tell me that the whole site had been languishing on his PC all this time. So I jumped at the chance to be reaquainted with the early adventures of Pam, Leela, Switch and Morag their evil landlady.

I've only made slight alterations to the original site. Back in the mid 1990s I learnt html out of a book and then gave up when style sheets were introduced. So you can view the site in its "retro" "Millenial" splendour. It's at, and it's as bonkers as I remember it being.

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tommie said...

Thank you Paul for posting this - I remember this being very important in my teenage years ("LOL") and being very afraid to click when you let it continue on some HOMOSEXUAL website.

The internet is so very weird.