Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are you voting?

I'm glad the election is over by tomorrow. Even though our campaign is relatively short by American standards, where the campaigning never really ends, I feel as if it's been going on forever. The first tv debate felt novel and exciting, and I was pleased to see the Lib Dems finally getting a "look-in". Of the three party leaders, Nick Clegg is the most likeable, and as someone who's left of centre, it was good to see him rise in the polls and I hope that whatever the outcome, there is constitutional reform and proportional representation to end what feels like a very biased system.

But the second two debates felt a bit repetitive, and the constant coverage by the media has left me feeling election-weary. I plan to stay up tomorrow night, although it's unlikely that the result will be revealed, due to the closeness of the race.

I live in a seat that was Tory, but due to boundary changes has suddenly gone Labour apparently. It is all up for grabs anyway. The Tories have been targetting us, and there are posters of David Cameron everywhere. We are a "political boiling pot". Every day I have come home to find multiple leaflets on my doorstep. The Tory candidate, Eric Ollerenshaw, tells me that he feels that Travellers (with a capital "T") are breaking the rules and need putting in their place. He also wants to ensure that criminals stay in prison for longer. He sounds fun.

I wonder if we can be friends

(Bottle-)blonde Debra Kent, who is representing the BNP, sounds even more lovely according to this article in The People. Apparently she "has branded Britain a "multicultural hellhole" and said immigrants act "like savages". She even went to a BNP rally where "racists torched a gollywog" and she said it was "fab". No wonder her child has a pixellated face. You would too.

There was a group of anti-BNP protesters in Lancaster town centre on Saturday, giving out leaflets. One women was saying in a very bored monotone "Stop the facist BNP" over and over, in the same way as you'd hear a market-stall holder say "Apples, five for a pound." My fella said "Quite right too", and she glared (!) at him. I guess if you're angry about the BNP a lot, it's hard to get out of that state.

My favourite local candidate is the deliciously off-the-wall Keith Riley, who is an Independent Candidate.

His leaflet proudly told me that if elected he would only support good policies and vote against bad ones. (!)

His leaflet is also critical of the Lib Dems. He writes "Liberals, easy to make promises when they know they will never gain power and so will never have to implement them..." I can see his point, but perhaps this is just a slight own goal. Still, I hope he gets his deposit back, but that Mrs Kent doesn't, and the resulting penury means that her hair has to revert back to its natural colour.


Exile said...

We seem to be in the same constituency but I have not seen a single Tory poster.

Lubin said...

How odd. There is one by Lancaster bus station. Another one by the police station and another on Scotforth Road - directly opposite the Labour HQ in Lancaster. Several farmers around Galgate have also put up Tory posters.

I have not seen any Tory posters in people's windows though.

志義 said...

成熟,就是有能力適應生活中的模糊。 ..................................................

Exile said...

Yeah, I meant posters that folks put in their windows, not the paid for ones.