Sunday, March 07, 2010

Old Family Photos

I am often overwhelmed by nostagia. In my mind, the year 1979 represents a cut-off point between the modern age (boring and greedy) and the glamorous/kitsch recent past. I am only just old enough to remember the 1970s, and I didn't live in the 50s or 60s, and I know there would be a lot about that period I would dislike (shops closed half the time, bigotry, stodgy food). But I would still like to go there for a fortnight's holiday, try on the clothes, visit places that no longer exist and talk to people who are long dead. And I would totally tell them about Margaret Thatcher and Iphones and 9/11 and climate change and Pop Idol. Because I think they deserve to know, and if someone from the future came to visit me, I'd want to know everything.

As an aide memoir to my nostaglia, my living room is cluttered with old black and white family photos.

My grandmother and great aunt, taken probably in the late 1920s - they were aged about 15 and on the way to church on Sunday. Don't you love those hats.

My great aunt years later on holiday - probably in the 1950s, married to dashing uncle Hugh who was in the RAF. They were about the closest thing our family got to middle class. Until I came along and surpassed all previous records.

Unknown male relative who somehow stumbled into a photoshoot for a garage that had employed a "dollybird" model. The resulting picture made the local papers. Yes, in the 1960s you could just be walking down the street one minute, then end up with someone's white gogo boots in your lap.


Lost Boy said...

"Until I came along and surpassed all previous records." I love you for that one too. I was also my family's first foray into middle class. I was born in the mid-70s but really just remember everything being brown and summers warm. In photos, everybody looks marvellously unpolished and yet still utterly stylish. I don't really know what future generations will think when they look back at the fake tits, hair, nails, tan and teeth of the early 2000s. Will they even bother with nostalgia?

Lubin said...

My only fear is that they will view all of the 2000s horror as tasteful and quaint.