Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't think I've met anyone called Brenda before

I wish I could go to the Too Much Boutique (from the British 60s romp Smashing Time). Run by the Honorable Charlotte Brillig ("call me Charlotte"), the shop's name is a pun "you know, too much - it's an expression, hopelessly twee, another grave mistake". Charlotte (played amazingly by Anna Quayle who was later a drama teacher in Grange Hill) is a laconicly self-absorbed rich girl who just owns the boutique so her avante guarde Wolfenden-era friends have somewhere to socialise. She is later horrified when her new best friend Brenda (Rita Tushingham) actually makes them buy things, and eventually disappears from the film. Her appearance is tantalisingly brief, but makes a lasting impression. I particularly like the way she says "Well. Wake. Her. Up Then." - those five words conveying a whole lovely lifetime of privilege and entitlement.


ukjarry said...

The latter bit is a mini “A Taste of Honey” reunion.
And both Murray Melvin and Paul Danquah are gay, which ups the real life camp factor.

Old Cheeser said...

Great clip. I actually thought the movie was trying too hard to be funny but maybe it's worthy of a review. You're right about Charlotte - hilarious!

The tanned guy has a very weird accent though, doesn't he!

Groc said...

My favourite Anna Quayle moment is in the 60s 'Casino Royale' where she plays an emotionless master spy/madame. you're insane my dear, quite, quite insane.'

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