Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Jennifer Jones

Continuing with posting of rare cult films, here's the trailer of Angel, Angel, Down We Go. A late 1960s Charles-Mason inspired tale about a pop star, a fat rich girl, her mum and sky-diving (!) Jennifer Jones, who was a proper actress, somehow got caught up in this. I wonder if she knew what she was getting into. Maybe she was reassured by the presence of Lou Rawls and Roddy MacDowell. She was mistaken.

The film has a languid, surreal, druggy quality to it, and is full of camply quotable lines. I especially like (and identify with) Jennifer's assertion: "I was born poor, but I have class". But there is also "Black is better baby", "God is America fat!", "In my heart of hearts I'm a sexual clamp" and "I have been finished at finishing school...and untouched by human hand."

I do feel I missed out by not experiencing the 60s first-hand.

And here's the dream-like key scene in the film, when our Tracy-Turnblad-esque heroine is gobsmacked by the subversive pop star who's hired to perform at her coming out party. Fascinated, yet horrified, she backs away after the camera zooms in on his black leather trousers. Then it's off to eat her feelings...

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