Friday, December 18, 2009

The wall of hate

I pass this wall every time I go to the gym. It's down a side street which doesn't get much use, and over the months, more and more graffiti has appeared on it. I'm so familiar with the wall that I can tell which graffiti is fresh, and so have watched vicariously as various grudge matches between teenage girls that I will never meet are played out. You might want to click on the image to see it in its full horrific glory.

The "wall of hate" as I like to think of it, tells me a lot about the ways that girls are cruel to each other these days, and how they take onboard views about women and sexuality that are actually damaging to all women, and then use those views as insults against each other. Reading accusations of someone being a "spacca", having Downs Syndrome or AIDS was initially quite shocking, but as the months passed those barbs seen less impressive when compared to "Tasha has a dick and its huge!" Because suspected transexuality will never run out of mileage. However, always being a grammar bitch, I have to restrain myself from putting a little apostrophe on the "its". I suspect that the writer of the "huge dick" revelation won't be doing very well in her GCSEs.

But all this pales into nothing when compared against the ongoing hate campaign against Ms Watts (of which only part is shown here). I have often wondered what this poor girl did in order to warrant such sustained abuse, and whether she even knows that she has a wall devoted to her. I try to imagine what the girl who wrote such words is like. She is probably quite a bit more intelligent than the others in her class. But nasty with it. Very nasty. She hides it well but inside I think she's unhappy and has a rubbish home life. From experience, there's usually a nasty or neglecful parent behind a nasty child.

She's the sort of girl who uses a cutting, clever humour to make others laugh and herself popular. But her popularity is always at the expense of someone else - some poor, slow-witted victim who is too inept to fight back. Someone who commits a tiny slight towards this girl will never hear the end of it.

First of all Ms Watts was described as being "a walking STI!" (love the exclamation mark). I wonder whose boyfriend she distracted? Later on, this initial proposition was built upon - now she is a "fucked up slag with STIs". As insults go, this is pretty impressive. I like how the vicious little author corrected her initial mis-spelling of "fucked". Even more impressive, she has put a full-stop at the end of her accusation. And you have to give credit to someone who can incorporate an acronym (STIs) into an insult. And not even the unfashionable STDs. Oh no, she's so "with it" that she uses STIs - mirroring the health profession's recent shift of focus from "disease" (which stresses symptoms) to "infection" (which is more concerned with transmission).

With such a good grasp of the English language, I think she will do rather better in her GCSEs than some of the other girls in her class. As for poor Ms Watts - I hope the boy was worth it. At least school-days don't last forever.


KAZ said...

I saw some graffiti the other day which mentioned Chlamydia (correct spelling) it must be the latest sociological(?) trend.

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