Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poor Rupert

I don't like Rupert Murchoch. He looks, talks and behaves like a villain in a James Bond film - (his head resembles a withered hard boiled egg preserved in vinegar). I'm sure he has plans for the world, and they don't involve sending free chickens to Africa or solving global warming. He is one of the people most responsible for the tabloisisation and partiality of news (summed up most succinctly by two vile words: Fox News). He's one of about 1000 people, who, when I hear about his death, I will punch the air and shout "yes!"

So I've been quite pleased that the 132st richest person in the world seems to be having a bit of a bad time at the moment. First, after making a loss, he's announced that he'll be charging for his news websites from next year. People will have to pay to read The Times (right-wing), The Sun (right wing and aimed at people with learning difficulties) and The News of The World (which is written by and for people with learning difficulties). I expect that this might backfire - if you're surfing the web, you might stop off at The Sun's website during your lunch break if it's free, but would you really pay to read the insane ramblings of Mystic "care in the community" Meg...

...a titillating cartoon strip masqueradin as advice (Dear Deirdre)

or the latest gossip about Britain's premier intellectual and feminist role model, Katie Price. I may be wrong, but I suspect that a lot of the people who read The Sun's website weren't paying a lot of attention at school and as a result don't have the best-paid jobs in the country, so if they have to pay for their dose of fluff, then they'll just move on to something free.

And now at the Edinburgh Television Festival he's denounced the BBC, because ""The news operation is causing immense problems, huge problems for the independent news business, and I think it has to be dealt with." He described the growth of the BBC as "chilling".

The whining hypocrisy of his complaint is the most wonderful thing I have heard all year. I almost feel sorry for him and am contemplating sending him a few cans of soup in the post.

However, I suspect that Rupert will find a way round his woes. He's managed to peddle his nasty rubbish for decades - proving that on the whole, people are stupid enough to buy into it.

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