Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All day in bed

I have succumbed to the dreaded Swine Flu and am spending the day in bed. Being ill is a lot more fun than it used to be. I have internet, a 32 inch screen tv and my Iphone. Apart from the headache, joint pains and fever, it could just be a Sunday morning. I am watching a 3 hour long inspirational matinee on More 4 about a WW2 fighter pilot who lost both his legs. He's staying remarkably chipper about it. I love British 50s films - because I normally only ever get to see them in the middle of the day if I'm not at work. I don't know how I caught swine flu. I suspect it might have been at motorway services in Birmingham on Saturday. The place was teeming with people. I've been feeling a bit overworked and stressed lately (we were supposed to be moving house on Saturday but I've put it back to Wednesday). My fella is staying out of my way (he doesn't want to catch it), but pops in occasionally with lemsip. Last night I phoned the Swine Flu hotline and they authorised me some Tamiflu. It's given me a stomach upset and diarrohea, just to make things a bit more fun.

We finally sacked our plumber yesterday. He should have finished the job 2 weeks ago but seems to have a drink problem, and on the occasional day when he did show up (after much phoning and begging), wouldn't get much done. I feel sorry for him - he was quite friendly, and is clearly having a bad time - his girlfriend's left him and he's just coming back to work after a car accident. I guess that's why we tried to keep him on as long as we could. I hope he'll get his life sorted out, but I'm not sure he will.

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KAZ said...

Well you sound so cheerful I'm almost envious. But I do understand the attraction of lying back and watching old movies without guilt.
I'm hardly ever ill - but when I had 3 days on my back a few years ago I remember watching Gregory Peck in "The Big Country" .....sublime.
Get well as soon as you're ready