Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why isn't everyone dead yet?

Wasn't "Swine flu week" exciting? Did you think that everyone was going to die? Did you hoard canned food? When my leaflet from the government arrived, telling me what steps to take if I got the sniffles, I felt like I was living in chapter 2 of an exciting post-apocalypse novel. It's one of my favourite genres.

So I was expecting by this point to be one of a handful of sole survivors in a post-plague Britain. I've seen "Survivors" and "The Stand" and have spent ages rehearsing "brave" facial expressions, and had fashioned a "Mad Max" costume out of an old 1970s fleece coat.

Now it's all wasted. I get up and people are going about their business like nothing happened.

I feel cheated and next month, when the media decide we're all going to die of something else, I'll ignore them and play Fallout 3 instead.

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