Sunday, May 17, 2009


For my birthday I've asked by fella for this.

I've been wanting a record player for a few years now - a lot of the music I listen to was made before I was born. While I love the convenience of things like MP3 players, I sort of miss the connection with the past that you get when you take an LP out of its sleeve, place it on a turntable and watch it start to spin round and round. That's the way that people in the 20th century used to listen to that music, and I like the idea of reappropriating those behaviours, as part of the experience of listening to old music.

Steepletone is the company which makes these retro products. I did consider buying a proper authentic old record player, but in the end decided to get something which had the advantages of being new (and working) but worked in the same way as something old. And if I really want to, it has a USB port also.

Now I just need to find some old jazz LPS to play on it.

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