Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mad Men and the Gym

I was made to have a "gym consultation" last night at my gym. I have been put on a training programme which is very complicated and is printed out on a grid of numbers. It is very detailed down to how many seconds you should take to lift a weight, pause and put it down. I will never be able to figure it out. The instructor asked me what my "goals" were and I said "to stay exactly the same as I am". He looked a bit upset so I told him I had lost half a stone, so they are now putting my photo on a laminate to go on a posterboard with "Paul has lost half a stone, well done" on it. They also gave me a little certificate to put on my fridge. I felt like how my 5 year old nephew must feel when he ges moved up a reading group. I was then asked if I knew any friends who would like to join the gym (which would get me a £10 voucher). I stifled the urge to say "actually I'm quite rich so you can't tempt me with money", but I had to admit that I didn't have any friends. Oh dear.

I am nearly 3/4 through The Forsyte Saga. For those of you who have read it or even seen a tv adaption of it, young Jolyon is dead and that scandlous divorce has finally come through. It is such a long book that I feel like *I* have been married to Soames all these years...

I am watching season 1 of Mad Men on DVD. Watching this scene got me hooked:

It is set in 1960 in an advertising firm. In every scene, people smoke constantly. Children play with plastic bags on their heads and there are no child seats, let alone seat belts for children in cars. There is a really camp gay man who nobody has guessed is gay and the main character treats his wife like a child, phoning her psychiatrist to talk about her, and saying "we'll see" when she wants anything. Everyone has such nice hair and clothes though!

I wonder what follies of this decade will be poked fun of in the television dramas of 50 years time? No doubt everyone will either be anorexic or morbidly obese. We will all work and eat constantly and pointlessly buy crap that we don't need or ever get round to using. If it is an American series, then most people will be depicted as nutty religious freaks or divorced bisexuals. If it is a British series then we will be shown binge drinking and with disgusting dirty, crooked teeth. And we will all be on anti-depressants...

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Adrian said...

I love Mad Men. So deligthfully slow, languid, so few events happening but so much happening underneath it all.

It really is brilliant.