Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Media Doesn't Care About Michael Causer

I wrote about the murder of Michael Causer, a Liverpudlian gay teenager, a while ago here, and noted at the time that there had not been much national media coverage of the case. The trial of the youths accused of killing him ended a few days ago. One of the youths, Gavin Alker was acquitted, claiming he'd acted in self defence, prompting a protest demonstration in Liverpool. Again, it seems that the story does not appear to be very interesting to the national media, with only The Independent covering it in any detail.

I am feeling cynical this morning, so perhaps if the attack had been a more "fashionable" one - like those youths phoning up Michael's grandfather and saying naughty words down the phone, then the media would have found it more to their tastes. It does seem disgusting that if someone says an abusive word, then it gets pages and pages of media analysis, but an actual physical act of abuse that ends in murder is overlooked.

Perhaps if it had happened in London (where journalists actually live and might have even witnessed it as they staggered home from the Groucho Club) it would have been worth reporting. You can just imagine them: "Liverpool? Where's that? Can I get the tube there? No? Oh well, I can't be bothered darling, anyway, back to that piece on Gok Wan..."

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