Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Polari magazine launch

Me and gay magazines don't have a very good history. About eight years ago I worked briefly for a magazine in London until I was sacked for having a bad attitude (to be fair, they were right - I do). The main problem was that I wanted to make the magazine all thought-provoking and intelligent, whereas it was supposed to be soft-porn with adverts to be picked up while out clubbing. The two pieces of advice I received were "write as if your reader is drunk" and "write as if your reader stacks shelves in a supermarket".

So I'm pleased to note that the first issue of Polari magazine, an online gay magazine has gone online. The magazine's mission is to provide intelligent, thought-provoking and humorous content for gay men and lesbians, without making everything be about sex or getting you to buy stuff. It's exactly the sort of magazine that I wanted to create eight years ago.

The html version is at There's also a fancy flash version and a forum.

The name Polari comes from a now almost-dead form of gay language use - something which I carried out research on (there's a small article by me in the first issue). I wish them lots of success.

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Flaming Nora said...

I am neither drunk, a shelf-stacker or the intended audience for the mag but will have a look at it now, just to see your small article.

PS: I'm still waiting (hoping?) for Doll Soup: The Novel.