Friday, November 07, 2008


Have you been celebrating the Obama victory? I had a glass of champagne last night. If so, spare a thought for the poor McCain supporters - and those who are so right-wing that they wouldn't ever vote Republican. At Stormfront - the site for people who are proudly racist, there were unprecedented numbers of people watching their "election" bulletin board. I suspect that these were not sympathisers, but people who simply enjoyed gloating as the Stormfronters became increasingly depressed as the evening wore on. They started off hopeful, commenting that "it's not over until it's over" but once Obama took Iowa, it clearly was all over and the regulars started posting pictures of upside down American flags and talking about making sure that they took their guns with them on car journeys that night (I'm not kidding!) In their anger, some of them lashed out at Fox News (that's how right-wing they are), and mentioned secession (if only!)

What do racists look like? In the "ladies" forum there's a very long thread where people have posted up pictures of themselves and their families. Some of the slightly more self-conscious stormfronters have mentioned that this might not be a very good idea, but still the pictures come. Needless to say, there's a lot of bad fashion (black bomber jackets, long Viking hair or skinheads seem to be what the chic Stormfronter is wearing these days) and quite a bit of obesity (I guess that hating everyone who's different from yourself must be hungry work!). It makes me sad to see children in these pictures. But I firmly believe that good will ultimately always triumph over evil, love will win over hate and good taste will win over bad - because negative things are ultimately self-destructive, whereas postive emotions give you more strength. People will fight a lot harder and a lot longer because they love someone or something, than if they hate it. Hating is ultimately very tiring... Which is why I try not to hate even racists, feeling sorry for them (and wishing they'd eat fewer pies and use hair conditioner) is less work.

One thing that the stormfronters did turn me on to in one of their crazy discussions was the possibility of a British Obama. They posted up a picture of Adam Afriyie who is currently an MP for Windsor. Here's a picture of him.

Goodness, he's rather handsome isn't he.

Here's another picture.

Ironically though, he's a Conservative MP. What a pity. I don't think I'll move to Windsor after all.

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Lost Boy said...

Well, I suppose he's an improvement on David Cameron, who looks like a 17th century painting.