Friday, October 24, 2008

I love Kristen Wiig

I've kind of gotten myself addicted to Saturday Night Live recently, which is a pity because it doesn't even get shown in the UK, so I'm having to get my fixes from the internet.

Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin is eerily accurate and funny. There's a lot of comedy potential in Palin's persona - Fey didn't even need to do much new writing but simply quoted actual lines from Palin's own interviews verbatim, suggesting a new low in Republican politics.

Palin went on the show herself last week to show what "a good sport" she was. Either she has the thickest skin in the world, or she is a dolt. I suspect that to be a good Republican both of these are a requirement.

However, Tina Fey isn't my favourite SNLer. That award goes to the exotically named Kristen Wiig (who kind of reminds me of Jennifer Saunders). Kristen can talk really fast and does a speciality in crazed characters who bewilder you with
their twisted worldviews. Here she is as nervous news reporter Judy "just kidding" Grimes. I don't know how she manages to memorise this insane monologue - maybe she has a really fast autocue?

Here's Kristen's take on the crazy lady at the McCain rally who thinks Obama is an Arab. I love how she wanders in and out of the set:

The premise behind this character (Sue) is that she loves surprises. No, she REALLY loves surprises. Hold on to your hat.

And finally, my favourite Kristen Wiig character of all time - Penelope. Penelope's deal is that whatever you've done, she's done it more and better. We all know someone like this. However, Penelope goes one step further and her boasts become increasingly outlandish and surreal as the sketches progress.


The Mule said...

I agree; she's a comic genius!

Fin De Fichier said...

Agreed. Judy Grimes is one of my favorite late night comedy female characters since Stephnie Weir "Dorothy Lanier, Drama Queen".

The Mule said...

I also love Aunt Linda and the Target Lady. "Approved!"

Great post.