Monday, September 01, 2008

The Party's Over

Here's Valeriya, known as Russia's answer to Madonna (I think she's more like Geri Halliwell), making what is an eerily prescient and probably co-incidental statement about Russia's relations with the rest of world. (I think Dmitry Medved actually appears in it as a vampire at one point).

Queenly perennial Marco da Silva (on loan from La Kylie) provides additional kitsch. (Imagine Bob Fosse with muscles after an accident with a sunbed.)

It's as over-produced as hell (yet looks curiously low-budget - apart from one brief shot there are only four people in it), with about a million costume changes and a kind of homage to the golden age of movies. There is probably a competition on a Russian website somewhere where if you name all the movies you get a gold-plate bust of Stalin. Or a loaf.

Know this: if you like this, then you are a camp gay man - even if you are a woman.

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