Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's only September and my local Marks and Spencer has already put up its Christmas products, driving the Lancaster pensioners from social classes ABC1 into a frenzy - getting up to speeds of a tenth of a mile an hour as they tear round the shop getting tins of biscuits with Santa on them. It's like that song "I wish it could be Christmas every day" has been taken a little bit too much to heart. Forget it if you want to buy Halloween or Bonfire Night stuff - that's over! Over!

I am going to write the following letter to my branch:

"Dear M&S,

I came into your shop this morning fully intending to start my Easter 2009 shopping. I have grand-children that are not yet born and may require Easter eggs next year. You can imagine my horror to find that you had not anticipated my needs and instead have Chrismtas stuff everywhere - don't you realise that the Christmas season now starts in JULY!!!! September is for Easter shopping. Please sack someone.

Yours, Dotty Hinge (Mrs)"

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KAZ said...

Thanks Lubin you've helped me see the funny side.
I ran out of a Manchester store screaming yesterday after seeing it had all turned red and green overnight.