Sunday, September 14, 2008

The (Easy)Jet-Set

I arrived in Nice for a last-minute summer break yesterday, hoping that the weather would be less glum than in the UK. So far it has been disgustingly sunny here. Some things about France that are different to the UK:

  • They don't pick up their dog poo. It's everywhere here.
  • Young (heterosexual) people openly canoodling on the street. Their lack of inhibitions and expressiveness make me sick and jealous.
  • Smoking. They do seem to like it.
  • Zebra crossings - they seem to be suggestions about where pedestrians might want to consider crossing - motorists don't seem to be that keen on stopping at them though.
  • Sunday closing - they still have it. It's like the 1980s.
  • Fewer rules - in most British hotels there is someone there in the morning to ask your room number and show you to your seat for breakfast. In all the French hotels I've stayed in, you just go downstairs and nobody checks you. I always get the impression that in the UK, everyone is terrified that someone might actually get something for free so extra people have to be employed to stop this. I get the impression that in France, people don't care as much.

    And Nice is unlike any beach resort I've been to before. For a start, I haven't seen any poor people. My terms of reference are Morecambe, Blackpool, Weston-Super-Mare and Scarborough, which are usually full of the cast of Shameless getting drunk and misbehaving. Nice has jazz festivals and a Matisse Musuem, and it's only a few miles to Monte Carol and St Tropez. People swan around in white outfits like they've stepped out of GQ magazine. All the men are toned and have coiffed hairstyles rather than looking like lardy, pasty, balding Phil Mitchell from EastEnders (which is what most of the men in the UK look like).

    Maybe I'll just stay here.

    KAZ said...

    *Waves from just over the border* ... where it's similar, except the Spanish are getting lardier.

    Rick said...

    Re: hotel breakfasts - it's not just France. In Sweden, I was working there and my parents were staying in a hotel. They never checked their room number and allowed me to eat there despite the fact I was living somewhere else. Britain is unique in this "continental breakfast" no freebie idea.