Monday, August 25, 2008

This blog isn't just about homophobic murders and higher tax rates - here's a post to show I can be as shallow as the next gay man.

While all the other gay bloggers out there are posting up-to-the-minute pictures of Olympic athletes with bulges in their leotards, I must admit to being unfashionably in love with Brendan Fraser, who I have bizarrely seen in 3 films over the last couple of weeks (The Mummy 3, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Bedazzled). On paper he sounds hideous - huge moon face, big froggy eyes, horrible centre parting "curtains" haircut, verging on obese with an enormous backside, strange strangulated deep-yet-whiny voice. To quote from Boys in the Band - "Who could love someone like that? You could and I could that's who." When we went to see Journey to the Centre of the Earth, we didn't realise we needed 3D glasses, so I had to get out of my seat to find some when the film started. However, it was dark and I was carrying coffee, and I stumbled and fell right on my knees at the front of the auditorium. My fella bitchily said that it looked like I was genuflecting in front of Brendan Fraser.

But it looks though that Hollywood has decreed that Brendan is now too old to carry off an action film on his own. In Journey to the Centre of the Earth he is given a smart-alec teenage nephew, while in the Mummy 3 he has a smart-alec son (who looks older than he does). As for his big bum, in the Mummy 3 the wardrobe department have tried to disguise it by making him wear a big belt with saddle bags hanging from the back.

And that luscious hair?

Oh dear. Don't worry Brendan. I still love you, froggy eyes, big bum, wig and all.


Dessie said...

But you liked him in Bedazzled, yeh?

Lubin said...

I prefer the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore one, but yes, it's fun. All his films are fun, if not very taxing.