Tuesday, August 05, 2008

British Media silence about homophobic murder

On Saturday a slightly built 18 year old gay male called Michael Causer died in hospital in Liverpool after receiving head injuries in what police are calling a homophobic attack. His family noted that he was a small kid who wouldn't hurt a fly.

The story got coverage in the Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Daily Post. I saw it covered on the BBC news website and a few gay websites have reported on it, but oddly it doesn't seem to have been reported by any of the main newspapers. Is a homophobic hate crime not news any more? I'm not the only blogger who thinks so.


KAZ said...

I hate to think it Lubin - but I fear you are right. Stick a label on it and you don't need to grieve too much.

What lovely eyes.

Old Cheeser said...

I didn't even know about it, which just proves the point really, doesn't it?

Trashbinder said...

I was unaware of this news too, which reinforces your theory. Are we that disposable now that the media aren't interested when one of 'ours' is lost to such a brutal end?

Lost Boy said...

Amy Winehouse probbaly nipped out for a kebab at the same time, thereby tying up most of the national press. See also the many children and teenagers who go missing but aren't called Madeleine.