Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Give us me metal!"

Although I don't watch much networked television any more, I usually watch the BBC1 news at 6, and then, because I'm too lazy, I hang around for the local news at 6.30. In the northwest it's headed up by Gordon Burns who used to present boring 1970s-1980s gameshow the Krypton Factor (and somehow seems younger now than he did then).

My favourite presenter though is Tony Livesey, who is often used for outdoors broadcasts. I'm sure he's a very nice man, but even when he's wearing a suit, he still looks like he's just come off heroin.

The other night, he was reporting on a new crime wave that is sweeping the northwest - it involves criminals stealing metal gratings from the sides of roads in order to sell to scrap metal merchants for cash.

This is the second time this crime has come to my attention. I remember seeing a documentary programme on BBC1 a few months ago about homeless heroin addicts who were fighting over bits of "found" metal as it was their only funding for their addiction. Anyway, I haven't been able to get a mental picture out of my head, of Tony fighting with some tramps over a shopping trolley containing a metal grate, shouting "Give us me metal!" In fact, the phrase "Give us me metal!" has become a catch-phrase in the Odana Household of late.

The scruffy facial hair doesn't help. This is what he looked like tonight.

Gordon, on the other hand is always kitted out in a nice suit.

I wonder if Gordon secretly wishes that Tony would have a shave and brush his hair?

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KAZ said...

Thanks for this - I saw this guy on Market street recently and couldn't put a name to him

My mum (in her eighties) used to complain about Gordon Burns being boring every night