Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm like the smartest non-Asian in year 11

My new favourite person is Ja'mie King, privileged bitchy girl from the Australian mockumentary series Summer Heights High, shown on BBC3. Coming to a public school from a posh private school for a year's exchange experiment "It's such a random thing to do", Ja'mie has tons of confidence "I'm up to 1000 friends on Myspace and could always do with more" and quickly surrounds herself with a coterie of fans who she later alienates when they discover a poster she has made of them, calling them "povo skanks".

It's a well-observed piece of comedy writing, made screamingly incongruous that Ja'mie is played by a man and is about 2 ft taller than he should be, which nobody seems to ever comment on.

Chris Lilley who plays Ja'mie also plays two other roles in SHH (a camp drama teacher and a disobedient Tongan student), but Ja'mie is my favourite.