Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm in humid Valencia for a few days - my fella is giving a couple of talks, so I'm along for the ride (I'd make a great Dr Who companion). Anyway, he's gone off to be feted for the day so I'm in the nice hotel room, thinking about trying the spa downstairs.
We're watching Deadwood at the moment. It's an HBO series set in the Wild West. It ran for three seasons and then they stopped making it, which is about long enough for me really. Because it's HBO it means that everyone swears a lot - and not just the odd "shit". C**ks*ck** seems to be a more frequently used word than "the" or "a".
My favourite character is Calamity Jane played by Robin Weigert.

She's normally drunk, completely bonkers and has a way of interacting with others which is both hilarious, bewildering and terrifying. The other characters rather unkindly, refer to her as "the half-woman". Her heart's in the right place though. This clip - where she gives some of her wordly advice to the Cat in the Hat, sums her personality up.

I just hope they don't give her makeover in the last episode.

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Flaming Nora said...

If you're still there be sure to try the Horchata drink