Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Legend of Lylah Clare

I've been feeling a bit serious of late, so in order to get a bit of balance, I've ordered The Legend of Lylah Clare on DVD. It's not supposed to be very good, but it's directed by Robert Aldrich who also did Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and The Killing of Sister George. As with Sister George it features Corale Browne, who plays evil critic Molly Luther with a walking stick as a great prop. Poor Kim Novak looks a long way from Vertigo here.

I suspect this might be the best scene in the whole film - a publicity junket goes horribly wrong - all thanks to the Corale Browne's spiteful tongue. If you can't abide the poor quality - fast forward to 2.00 where it starts to define high camp. I love all the gasps of shock from the scandalised audience.

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