Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guitar zero

The danger of playing Guitar Hero is that you eventually think you might actually be quite good at playing the real guitar.

So after I got onto "hard" level and was even able to come close to beating my fella's nephews (who introduced me to the game and are scarily good at it, due to having 20 year old fingers), I thought I might like to purchase a real guitar and see what happened. I have a bit of a headstart as I play piano and can read music etc.

So, on my last visit to Manchester I popped into that wonderfully old fashioned music shop on Deansgate, explained I was a newbie at it all and asked for something cheap. I also bought a couple of music books.

Anyway, I'm perservering. I kind of wish I'd bought an acoustic rather than an electric guitar as the amp is a bit of a bind and I'm too lazy to carry it around from place to place. That high E string though - it's like a piece of cheese wire. My poor index finger is all red and angry. People keep telling me that I will "grow a callous" there and it will be OK, but frankly, I don't want to. So I can pick out the songs in the "my first guitar" book I have, and I' getting used to chords - although with some of them you I suspect you need to be double jointed and have 8 fingers to do properly. My favorite chord is D7. I could play that all day long.

This one though - really - what sadistic bastard thought it up???

So far I'm a long way from the rock classics of Guitar Hero, but I can play Scarborough Fair. And it feels nice to be learning something new. At 36.

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Marmoset said...

I've been procrastinating about swapping my violin for the cello, but I'm thinking that it might be a bit of a challenge in terms of getting it around, also the thought of going back to square one in learning finger positions scares me a bit. You've given me new hope, but I guess I really need to learn to drive first. ;(