Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Henry Cavill

I am working through The Tudors at the moment. It's a very glitzy production - all jousting and dances and intrigue and sex and CGI versions of Ye Olde London. Henry Cavill plays an over-sexed knave - and it seems as if every gay blog in the world has posted pictures of him naked. As I try to make this a SFW blog, I will simply put up a picture of his perfectly shaped head. Maybe it will inspire you to write a madrigal to him.

All my travel is over for the next few months. I'm pleased. While I was away, the cat got into my bedroom somehow and used my bed as his toilet.

I tried to get rid of the smell by using a complicated formula involving vinegar and sodium bicarbonate I found on the internet, but it didn't really work.

(The disgusting results)

So I've had to buy a new bed. It has one of those new "pocket-sprung" mattress thingies and is incredibly soft - you kind of sink into it like the bed is trying to swallow you up. Still, I've slept amazingly well since I bought it - so I can't complain.


Dessie said...

I love the way you work... your cat pissed on your duvet so you bought an entire new bed. Classic Lubin XD

I think it's possible you're as anal as I am...

Dessie said...

Scrub that, I can see now that's an image of your mattress not duvet... stupid Dessie!

I remember a few years ago one of our cats pooped on the bed while we were on holiday - to this day I've no idea why he did it. Unless he felt a need to mark it for future reference?