Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hong Kong Eccentric

It's 3.02 in the morning and I'm not a bit tired. I've decided not to try and bother adjusting to the 8 hour time difference while I'm in Hong Kong this time. I'm here by myself and not here long enough for it to be worth it. My world has shrunk to my hotel room and the room where I do my teaching in, with the street inbetween. I eat downstairs or get room service, use the hotel gym every night and watch DVDs and send email in my room. This is what I'd be like if I lived alone - an insular loner with set patterns and no social life. I actually ended up talking to my students for an hour longer than necessary today - they were grateful for the attention, but in a way, I was grateful to be having a semi-social interaction.

This is my 3rd hotel room. The first one had an ashtray in, which is always a bad sign, so I asked for a non-smoking room. The second one smelled of glue. I realised that they were doing maintenance on the room next-door, so asked to be moved again. This time the hotel manager was suspicious "We have already moved you once." He asked to check the room and then said that the glue smell would fade in a matter of hours. I made noises about moving to the Holiday Inn, so he just gave up and moved me. I know that if I tried, I could find fault with room number 3, but even I'm too tired of the whole thing now. (This isn't my worst game of Musical Hotel Rooms - my fella still shudders at a trip to Boston where I think he came very close to serving divorce papers.)

To pass the time I am reading a zombie trilogy - Island of the Dead/Nation of the Dead/Planet of the Dead. It's OK, though to beef things up a bit, the writer has given a few of the zombies special powers and they can think and talk. This means that some of the characters actually die in the book, then come back as zombies and on they go...

I'm also watching Greek - a depiction of the awful Greek college system in the US which is based on exclusion, privilege and social evalution (we need talk - hello Oxford and Cambridge). There's a closeted gay character (so it would be ground-breaking if it was 1993), and lots of skinny girls being bitchy to each other and sleeping with each other's boyfriends and saying things like "FYI Casey, if you want to run Zeta Beta Zeta then you're going to have to like sleep with Evan, the most handsome boy on campus." For true teen angst, I'd recommend reading the complicated and funny High School Confidential. Anyway, as I'm a good 17 years older than all the characters in Greek, I'm finding it a bit hard to empathise with their concerns at times. 17 years older! How did that happen?


Marmoset said...


I came across your blog and subsequently went to a bookshop to look up High School Confidential which they didn't have. I've also heard it recommened a few other times, but am having difficulty tracking a copy of it. Could you point me in a direction?


Lubin said...

I bought my copy in New York - but it's available on amazon

Marmoset said...

Thanks for that. All purchased! I enjoy reading your blog and would like to link it to mine, if I may?

Dessie said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the trilogy. You're right, the superpowers are stupid and they detract a from the story. However that said they are well explained and in the context of that universe they make sense (I am not apologising for it, they're still bloody stupid).