Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snakes and Ladders in the Isle of Mann

A week's Easter break in the Isle of Mann, though I managed to mark 12 undergraduate dissertations while I was away. The Isle of Mann is a bit like going back to 1982 - there are very few new buildings and everything has a very old fashioned feel to it. We were staying in Jurby which is one of the most isolated bits off towards the north, in this place

It looks lovely, although it was pretty cold weather while we were there and as a result most of the upstairs rooms were really cold. I didn't dare take a bath for a week - I can see why people in the 17th century used to get sewn into their clothes - it gets too cold to step out of them.

We spent most of the week playing Snakes and ladders with my nephew, who is just at the age where he can count and understand rules - though he tends to throw a strop if he doesn't win. My fella filled his head with stories of nasty goblins living inside the hills.

We also went on a tiny steam train

We were filmed during it as apparently it's going to be put on youtube or something. So if you see some people looking freezing cold (it was hail stoning at the time) and cramped into a tiny carriage, while faking happiness, then it's me.

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