Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where were you when the earthquake happened?

How exciting to be part of a major national event (I'm referring to last night's earthquake). As nobody votes in elections anymore and we're all watching millions of different tv channels, the capacity for the nation to come together has been severely diminished these days.

I was asleep when it happened, and so experienced the whole thing while half-dreaming, half convinced that someone was shaking the bed or that I was having a major spasm. I had a similar earthquake experience in Japan in the 1990s. Still, my fella tops it all with the fact that he was in a proper earthquake - a big San Francisco one in the late 1980s - he was in a restaurant at the time, but he'd seen Carry on up the Kyber so continued eating his soup blasely as if nothing was happening, while outside people ran about panicking as the road snaked up and skyscrapers danced. He enjoyed a brief moment of minor celebrity when he got in his local newspaper along the lines of "Huge Earthquake in San Francisco - many injured, local man missing" (his sister blabbed to the press) and was the subject of one of those comedy cavern standup routines where some local comedian made fun of him.

Even though last night's quake was a little one, it was still oddly disconcerting - as a very fun scottish friend I have said this afternoon "The one thing you think is certain in this life is that the ground beneath you won't start moving and shaking. You can't rely on other people or your health, but at least the ground is the ground and the sky is the sky." She's very wise. I'm going to be going to her wedding in a month or so up in Edinburgh. She is trying to get me to wear a kilt (I am Scottish on my mother's side). This would be my kilt pattern:

It's a bit bland but I quite like the idea of swanning around Edinburgh in my own kilt.

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