Monday, January 14, 2008

What I'm reading and watching

Back in the UK and I am exchanging sunburn and mosquito bites with wind chill and frost bite. Britain has many great things but it's weather isn't one of them. The problem with 2 week holidays is that work really starts to mount up while you away. I tried to limit checking email to every other day, and only worked for 2 days out of the 14, but today was a bit of a nightmare catching up with stuff.

I read a good but depressing book while I was away - the Shackled Continent, which my sister bought my fella for Christmas. It's written by a journalist for the Economist and is about why Africa is in such a bad way. Chiefly to blame are its nutty and/or corrupt political leaders - Mugabe and co. It's cruel but I was thinking of turning it into a board game - a kind of anti-empire building game where the object is to try and kill off as many of your citizens as possible by starting civil wars, denying that AIDS exists or spending all the foreign aid on your 80th birthday party celebrations. You win if everyone is dead. In return for this evil book, I have lent my sister the first series of Prison Break - which she says makes her feel anxious and tense every time she watches it.

Meanwhile, I have been watching Firefly - a sci-fi show from a few years back which got cancelled after one season. It's a shame because it is pretty good - it's about a group of slightly illegal space travellers who all seem to dress and act like they are fighting the American civil war. The theme tune is all twangy banjos. They are led by hunky Nathan Fillion (NSFW link) - they swear in Chinese and have a high-class prostitute on board and everyone has an attitude problem. It's a lot more fun than Battlestar Galactica - which I love, but it can get a bit heavy-going at times, wondering who are all the sleeper cylons and sleeper lesbians (Starbuck).

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