Friday, January 04, 2008

On an elephant

We are now in Hanoi. While Bangkok seems to have embraced capitalism with its shiny towers and Starbucks everywhere, Hanoi is a lot more low-rise and shows signs of clunky communism - its Revolution Museum proudly displays tyres and plastic buckets that were made in Vietnam. From some of the stares I'm getting on the streets, I don't think many Vietnamese get to travel much - as a caucasian, I feel like I'm exotic. The Vietnamese currency is badly in need of devaluation - 100,000 Dong is worth about £3.33. We have a stack of bank-notes to get rid of, which looks like we've robbed a bank. The coins are so worthless that they are sellotaped together in bundles. We went to a shop selling Communist Vietnamese propaganda paintings - my fella bought one for his office. We couldn't work out whether it was supposed to be ironically kitsch or not though.


Lost Boy said...

I am becoming insanely jealous of your travels.

Nixon said...

Ace! How good do you two look. Have a lovely holiday x

matty said...

You two lead such interesting and adventurous lives!

How bad did the elephant smell?

Happy New Years!