Tuesday, January 22, 2008

His face is his fortune

I have been playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune on the PS3. It's an action adventure game where you take the role of the above not-unattractive looking collection of pixels in order to search for the lost treasure of Eldorado. It's a bit like being in an Indiana Jones film - there's a plucky pretty girl, an evil villain who talks in an English accent and lots of South American henchmen who try and kill you. Most of the time you are running around lush tropical islands or searching through secret temples - the rendering of the scenery is quite beautiful - I hardly feel the need to go on holiday ever again.

This rather blurry demo hardly does it justice


matty said...

I don't "game" but they really should stop stealing my image all the same!

It is just shameful!

My face is not to be stolen for popular games. ...at least not without a high amount of money!

Lubin said...

I would sue if I were you.

matty said...

Trust me, I'm looking into it!