Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Went on an elephant ride yesterday. I like elephants (it stems back from seeing Dumbo as a child). They seem to have a good sense of humour anyway. Halfway through the ride (we were in a group of other tourists - ah the thrill of non-authentic tourism), our non-English speaking driver took us off on a different track to everyone else and then got out a plastic envelope full of.....DRUGS! (I've seen The Bill, I know what they look like.) He sort of held it up to us for a few seconds and put it away. I don't get offered drugs very much (I look sort of square) and even less so when I am with my fella (who resembles a policeman or vicar). I suspect we are the last people in the world who don't do drugs anyway.

Afterwards, we had a meal overlooking the Bridge on the River Kwai (the one the film was based on) and then walked across it. Then we went to a museum about the PoWs who had to build the bridge and the railway during WWII. It was very depressing - and suggested that there was still a lot of hatred towards the Japanese prison guards. Understandable, considering the circumstances.

Our tour guide all day was a very camp Thai woman who did not stop talking. During the 2 hour drive, she would frequently turn round to face us in the back of the car and say something like "Oh my god, you know what, Thailand imports 60% of its rice to Europe" or some fact like that. To be fair, she was very well-versed in statistics about Thailand - I wish I had paid more attention, as now I would be too.

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