Saturday, January 19, 2008

Environmental dilemma

My old car (a Mercedes A Class) was very nice for doing motorway driving from Lancaster to Bristol, but since I moved back to Lancaster, it's been in the garage for repairs a few times - the problem is that Lancaster has a lot of speed bumps - we have a very green city council and they don't really approve of cars. The odd speed bump is OK, but when your car is going over them all the time, it starts to cause problems with the electrics and the suspension and on one or two occasions there have been horrible scraping noises which have resulted in major problems. So I've traded it in for this:

It's big, black and evil. I took it out on a test drive and it hardly knew the speed bumps were there.

It looks a little bit like the Range Rover that Captain Jack of Torchwood drives round in:

However, I'm sure it isn't very environmentally friendly. It has a 2.2 engine and takes diesel petrol. I suspect it might even be a type of SUV which probably means I'm going to Hell.

As a penance, I've bought a Marks and Spencer "bag for life". And at least I won't be wasting money having to get the other one repaired all the time.


julian said...

Because it helps environmental guilt to have actual numbers to work with:

As the 2 litre version of the X-Trail emits 179g/km of CO2, you're right that it's not exactly an environmentally friendly car, especially if you compare it to something like a Prius, which emits 104g/km.

Economically it also means you'll be paying something like £165 a year road tax, rather than the £15 you'd be paying for said Prius, not to mention the slight disparity in fuel economy between the two (39.8 vs. 65.7).

Fin De Fichier said...
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KAZ said...

Sorry Lubin - but why does your other 'bag for life' need repairing all the time?

You'll meet Chris Martin in Hell - he drives one round London.

matty said...

We drive an Element.

I'm not sure, but I think cars in California have to meet certain standards. ...still, I'm sure there are better cars we could have gone for.

However, I'm fairly sure that Coldplay would not touch our car.

Should I feel good about that?!?!?

I hope Radiohead would want to drive it, tho!

Nixon said...

I'd love a big fuck-off car like that just to piss off the muesli-munching Guardian-reading ethical coffee-drinking sandal-wearing totalitarian hippies.