Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Blast from the Reality Past

While we were in Southeast Asia we watched a DVD of the Amazing Race Asia season 1 (not shown in the UK, but my sister is a huge fan of the show so lends me all her episodes).

Anyway, we started watching it, and then this couple, Howard and Sahran from Sri Lanka appeared (described as "best friends").

You know how it slowly dawns on you that you've met someone before? That was the feeling I got.

Then I remembered that years ago, when visiting Columbo (Sri Lanka's capital), I had met Sahran who used to use the hotel swimming pool. He had befriended us and took us out to dinner one evening at a really nice restaurant. I remember at the time being a bit suspicious about his motives - why was he being so friendly, but it turns out that all he wanted to be was friendly and nice.

So it was odd to see him now on a reality game show, especially as the Amazing Race is one of those shows which really tests your mettle by exposing you to continual stress and placing you in quite dangerous situations involving jumping off buildings or scary animals.

While I remember Sahran as very calm on confident while he showed us round Columbo, he revealed a rather less calm side during the Race. Not that I blame him - I would have probably needed hospitalisation had I been on it. And me and my fella tend to have a blazing row if we arrive at someone's house more than 5 minutes late, so I imagine we would have made very good tv on the Amazing Race, although would have thoroughly humiliated ourselves.

Though I was rooting for them, the boys didn't win sadly, but were eliminated halfway through. Still, good for them - I hope it led to better things.

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