Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gone Loco

I am addicted to PS3's Loco Roco Cocoreccho, an annoyingly cute Japanese game where you have to guide dozens of little coloured blobs (loco rocos) around a bizarre environment. The loco rocos all sing the same tune, although they have different voices depending on what colour they are, so depending on who is onscreen at any one time you can have the girly sopranos (yellow and pink) or the rich baritones (blues and blacks). Most of the time I have no idea what is going on, and eventually the tune sticks in your head. It usually ends with all the loco rocos getting eaten by another big black blob. Even this is depicted as being unfailingly cute - what is it with cute and Japan? Even in Battle Royale (one of my favourite films), where school children are, drugged, dumped on an island, kitted out in collar-bombs and told to kill each other until the last one standing is the winner, it is all explained by a cutesy Japanese girl who makes it sound like she is narrating a Hello Kitty story to a bunch of 4 year olds.

My fella, on the other hand, is addicted to the more straightforwardly bloody Resistance: Fall of Man - that game what sparked a controversy because it features a battle in Manchester Cathedral. There is lots of running around and shooting things, against a backdrop of 1950s Britain (I recognised the Clifton suspension bridge which was close to my home in Bristol, among other landmarks). I am hopeless at it, but sit and watch, offering useful bits of route information.

Speaking of Bristol, we had a visitor up on Thursday - an impeccably glamorous and arch lady who worked with my fella and I was a bit in love with. We took her round Lancaster town centre for a meal. "I've never seen so many women with straightened hair in one place!" was her verdict. I must say, people in Lancaster tend to fall into two categories - sensible, dowdy middle-class types who dress for comfort, or sun-bedded working-class blingers. My memories of Bristol are fading fast (one of my strongest attributes is that I have a hopeless memory), so now it consists of just a vision of beautiful, beautifully dressed people walking around the Triangle and generally being fabulous. Even with my careful "editing" of Lancaster, it can still be pretty grim up north.

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matty said...

I think I prefer that game where the cute little lady bug eats the cute little monsters when they blink to yellow/green --- and if I can get her cherry she scores even more points!

I don't play it very well.

I think I'd be happy living anywhere in the UK. I dream of it.

I just want a little place in the midlands like in that movie with the actress who played Lindi. I can't think of her name. Oh wait.

yes, Kathy Burke, also a playwright and AbFab thespian!

This was quite a long comment post.

I wonder if I win a cookie or anything?

I'm growing a beard as well. Not sure why I'm sharing this in my post but if I had a pipe it might look right for 1950's Britain ...or a 70's Monty Python skit.

kisses from Oakland's Ghetto Fabulous!