Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mr Fussy

I received a letter today from the management company of the apartment buildings I live at, asking if I would like to be one of the directors.

I should have seen it coming - since I moved here two months ago I have been bombarding them with complaints and questions about faulty lighting, litter and badly behaved residents. I have also spent evenings removing bike marks from the walls of the communal areas, I regularly go out and pick up cigarette butts, and I've paid the council to remove large items that other residents have dumped outside the building. I even expressed shock when I smelled cannabis in the stairwell the other week.

Somehow, when I wasn't looking, I've turned into an old fusspot.

I used to love the Mr Men books when I was growing up. I think Mr Fussy was the first ever gay-coded children's character I encountered. Look at that moustache - he's practically a clone. I love how Mr Fussy has his own Wikipedia page - it's only a stub, but someone took the time to make it. And that's love for you.


matty said...

Oh no!

Are you a narc?!?!!?


...our neighbor is manager of one of the pot clubs here in SF ---- and he deals out of his apartment. His whole home is sort of an ode to Marley. I never knew that they made giant flags of Bob Marley. ...they should do the same for Barbra. Anyway...

Luckily, I love that scent.

It is odd when it mixes with the scent of the swedish bakery which is connected to our building.

Did you accept the invitation?

KAZ said...

I've lived in an apartment for a few years. I was Ms Fussy at first - but now I just sit back, laugh and let it all happen.
Some of that cannabis might help.

It's much more relaxing.

missburrows said...

Hmmm... sounds like you have turned in to the Mom of the apartment. Guess that means you can dole out the punishment too, right?