Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Early adopter

I succumbed to the advertising yesterday and bought one of those fancy Iphones things (I have affectionately called it Muhammad - see how on-topic I am today!) I may not be able to recognise a Babyshambles or Amy Winehouse song (although I've noticed that the ratty beehive is making a comeback among young women - hurrah), but at least I am up to speed with the latest technological developments.

I am impressed so far - infact, I'm not sure I'll be using my Ipod again. The Iphone has a big enough memory for the songs I listen to, and is also a phone, camera, map of the UK, web browser, emailer, does youtube and can tell me all about stocks and shares. The only thing that seems to be missing is a penknife attachment. I suspect version 2 will have a laser button that will cut through metal or vaporise people.

Going back to a proper keyboard again is nice - I never really got the hang of using the numerical keypad for letters. However, the keyboard on the Iphone is a bit too small for my man hands - so I usually end up pressing the wrong button. Still, I'm faster at it than with the old system. And I do hope that this spells the death-knell for txtspeak and all that writing 2 instead of to. I also wonder whether text messages and emails will sort of merge into each other now - as I can use the Iphone to do either. Let's have a return to properly punctuated, grammatically correct, orthographically sound messages (for some of us, they never went away).


KAZ said...

I don't usually rush out to buy the latest gadget - but this sounds wonderful.

I think I'll call mine 'Jesus'.

matty said...

Isn't it cool?!?!?

B got one during the first week here in the US -- they are awesome except we have to use AT&T only and they suck.

...so the phone service rather lacks. But, I love playing with it.

The new iPod is cool, too.

I'd like an Amy Winehouse beehive to go with my drug problem.

working on it.

Lubin said...

You could hide your drugs in your beehive!

matty said...

I prefer to hide them in a more personal/intimate space that few manage to think of...