Friday, October 26, 2007

Trailer Trash

The musical extravaganza that launches the 80s - oh to be on the cusp of two of the most tasteless decades ever to be invented!

You can't stop the agony...

I'm actually ashamed that I own this. I think it has a plot but I didn't notice. I still get shivers when I see Bruce Jenner who is supposed to be playing a heterosexual man, sashaying down the street in a pair of cut off jean-shorts (at -1.03), like he's just spent 24 hours listening to Bette Midler in the City Baths.

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matty said...

Classic camp -- so camp it hurts. ...deeply.

O, please tell me that you've seen the new trailer for the slasher musical staring Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton and Paul Sorvino! Please! It's on YouTube!

I'm counting the daze to see it!

Just think --- Phantom of the Opera revised by the man who brought us all those SAW movies!

...and, it all seems somehow very gay camp. REPO PHANTOM!

I think my favorite moment in CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC is whenever the painfully thin Native American Indian Village Person makes that techno noise. ...and, any moment with Valerie Perrine trying to act like she is not killing her career.